Dehydrated Bovine Hemoglobin

Product description and process

PRODUCTOS PILAR dehydrated bovine hemoglobin is manufactured with fresh blood obtained under sanitary conditions from animals selected both before and after slaughter, exclusively in officially controlled plants. The dehydration system used during the process is called spray atomization and involves spraying hemoglobin in countercurrent to a flow of hot dry air, leading to its dehydration.

This drying system yields a highly nutritional product since it avoids destroying essential amino acids that are sensitive to heat.

Physical features

Hemoglobina Deshidratada BovinaFine grain powder, red maroon colour, with characteristic flavour and scent.


PRODUCTOS PILAR dehydrated hemoglobin is used for animal nutrition. Its high protein content provides a major nutritional value in feed for hogs, poultry in general, fish and pets.

It can be used either directly as part of the feed for hogs, poultry of fish, or as an ingredient in industrialized pet food, whether extruded or stuffed.

It is also used as a natural fertilizer for organic crops and to restore nutrients to weak soils. It has a significant residual effect.

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The highly nutritional proteins provided by hemoglobin are highly digestible for the animal species mentioned, as well as easily assimilated and optimally absorbed.

Incorporating it to feed hogs, poultry, and other animals provides them a major animal protein supply and fully complements their vegetable basis.

Incorporating it to industrialized pet food leads to a significant improvement in the colour as well as in the protein content of the products.

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Bolsa Hemoglobina

PRODUCTOS PILAR dehydrated bovine hemoglobin is sold in bags with triple outer paper and a polypropylene inner bag containing 25 net  kilos.

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